Rachel Cathell specializes in Media Design, Digital Publishing. Her background includes print and digital design, brand development, public relations, media marketing, and business and political event photography.
"I believe developing strong communication strategies to advance brand impact is critical for any organization. The effectiveness of individual communication tactics shift and change every single day. It is a necessity to be on the forefront- ahead of the ever evolving media landscape."
Rachel completed her Bachelors of Science in Media Design at Wilmington University. She interned with the communication teams at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and the Office of Governor John Carney. Her journey continued to the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce as the Membership Representative where she enlisted strategic communications to attain and retain Chamber members. She currently is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce. In this position, Rachel ensures all internal and external communications are not only serving their intended purpose, but also reaching new levels with visible results.  Rachel is also the Communications Manager of the National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum.
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Rachel Cathell specializes in photojournalism. Her pathway is business and political photography. Past projects have included annual dinners, roundtable discussions, speaker presentations, ribbon cuttings, summits, and other organizational events. 

She creates editorial images, captured to tell the story in news articles, magazines, and other publications. 

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