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Exivos Provides Revolutionary Digital Payment System

Exivos Provides Revolutionary Digital Payment System

Easy to use platform is transforming how we do commerce.

[Hong Kong, October 2018] Amidst the international shift to a cashless society, Exivos™ has been appointed as the sole global service provider for a new and innovative digital currency called CROiNX™ (CX). The digital software manages online and real world monetary transactions in a safe, efficient and cost effective platform. For users, the platform eliminates the hassles and dangers of using cash by allowing them to settle their monetary transactions through a secure application.

CX is created by CROiNX Systems™ (CS) utilizing TriCrypta Technology™. The technology sets the digital currency apart from competitors with its triple-encryption security advancements. Users can complete transactions from anywhere and anytime without revealing sensitive credit card or banking account information therefore eliminating the worry of identity theft.

The digital payment system totes a user-friendly and cost effective format easily accessible by desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. The interface allows users to store and transfer funds in a free storage account. Unlike most crypto currencies, users can complete CX transfers without a daily limit and with complete convertibility to any major world currency. CROiNX Systems provide a buyback guarantee when a user wishes to sell their CX back to Exivos. This concept opens the door to new opportunities and collaborative transactions to anywhere in the world.

The system allows for quicker transaction times by eliminating the necessity for third party involvement. CX offers merchants the lowest transaction costs compared to any other payment platform. For an extra accommodation, CX users are able to divide the currency into smaller units, which may be needed when working with various transaction values.

As digital currency advances in the global arena, CX provides the visibility and flexibility users need to maneuver their future finances with ease and dependability. CX that is not held with Exivos is not authorized with CROiNx Systems.

Exivos is operated by Gainsters Corporation Limited.

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