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Ryno Lawn Care Provides Innovative Fertilizer

Ryno Lawn Care Provides Innovative Fertilizer

Eco-friendly nutrient creates lush lawns while improving soil health.

[Frisco, Texas, October 2018] Ryno Lawn Care is continuing the commitment to ensure customers receive the highest level of lawn care satisfaction by now serving as a distributor for the innovative fertilization product called GreenTRX™ by Anuvia.

GreenTRX is a lawn fertilization process that utilizes a bio-based nutrients technology called Organic MaTRX™ to turn organic waste into highly efficient plant nutrients. The material is a slow release system that enriches the soil and ensures the proper management of nutrient delivery. The even distribution of GreenTRX provides lawn safety by utilizing ingredients made up of organic material. This award-winning product is an efficient and environmentally friendly process.

Ryno Lawn Care has added GreenTRX to its top of the line resources to continue cultivating healthy and beautiful lawns. The new product is compatible and complimentary to other fertilization processes. The formula mirrors the traits of organic matter by attracting desirable lawn nutrients such as ammonium, potassium, sulfate, and ferrous iron needed to maintain a well-nourished lawn. For enhanced soil productivity, GreenTRX contains amino acids and peptides alongside nutrient levels that maintain the lush green of an attractive lawn.

Ryno Lawn Care provides sod installation, mowing, landscaping and fertilization services in the North Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

If you would like more information on this product and application services please contact Ryno Law Care at 214-728-8894 or visit


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