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Located in the heart of Dover Air Force Base, the United Service Organization Delaware has one major goal; strengthen American military service members by keeping them connected throughout their service for our nation. With 75,000 service members and family assisted annually in Delaware, USO relies on the service of volunteers to lend a hand through a wide array of programs and events.

“I suggest anyone interested in the USO Delaware should go watch them in action, it is incredible, very unique. The second they walked me around, I knew I wanted to be part of it.” said USO Board Member, Sean Healy, from Healy Long and Levin Concrete Construction.

USO Delaware focuses on boosting morale through emotional wellness, counseling, transition services and support to Families of the Fallen. The organization offers communal lounges where soldiers can relax and feel the comfort of peers. Dover has three major lounge locations, the Families of the Fallen Lounge, Mortuary Campus Lounge, and the community center. Each lounge provides food, entertainment, and special celebrations during the holidays. If a soldier is in need, the USO is present to make life as normal as possible for service members.

The organization is committed not only to soldiers but their loved ones as well. United Through Reading, Sesame Street Live Military Programs, Operation That’s My Dress, Special Delivery Baby Showers, and Portraits of Love are among the programs that uplift military families. USO Delaware serves as the welcoming committee for soldiers new to the base by providing information services. On the other hand, the organization’s transition service, Transitioning 360, help soldiers create a plan for when military service is completed. This includes direction for employment, education opportunities, housing, and benefits to help with adjustment to civilian life.

Among the list of support USO Delaware provides, the service of dignified transfers is the most unique. Dover Air Force Base is the only base in the country to receive fallen soldiers. Whether it is the middle of the night or mid-day, USO Delaware stand at the forefront of the ceremony, ensuring families with travel plans, accommodations, and comfort.

USO Delaware organizes around 80 events annually with the assistance of approximately 200 volunteers. Regardless of rain or shine the events go on which inspired Healy, Long, and Levin’s contribution of an outfitted events trailer to better equip volunteers. In addition to the trailer, the company has also conducted a donation drive by engaging employees and arranging donations from job sites. They were able to raise $35,000 with aspirations to push the drive even farther this year.

When asked of what he’d like to see, Sean Healy commented that increased awareness of USO Delaware, north of the canal, would strengthen the organizations mission even more.

When referring to the United Service Organization some may say, “Until Every One Comes Home”. For USO Delaware, home is personified by camaraderie and strengthened with unwavering support.

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