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Creating an outdoor space, specific for your style, is a significant upgrade and added value for any home. The reward of settling back and enjoying the serenity of an open sanctuary gives homeowners an opportunity to decompress. Such a space serves as an extension of your existing property by adding an inviting area for outdoor recreation and a green environment that takes advantage of underutilized space on your property.

Local exterior contractor, Mark Milanese of Milanese Remodeling is part of a 3rd generation business that creates patios, decks and outdoor living spaces. Since 1957, the family has applied modern materials in building havens for homeowners. You can say, it’s a family thing, “making your backyard accessible and livable is going to encourage you to spend more time outdoors, more time together” says Mark.

Milanese Remodeling builds covered spaces with all the conveniences of indoor living; outdoor kitchens, sunken fire-pits, overhead fans, custom hardscaping, and it’d be remiss to not mention the backyard bar or barbecue pits. These amenities marry your home and the outdoors, creating a space for when you’re entertaining guests or seeking solitude.

Here in Chester County, residents are fortunate enough to enjoy the four seasons. Mark says, “Many clients are under the impression that outdoor spaces are only for summer months. With modern layouts and materials, outdoor spaces can be enjoyed year-round.” Pergola awnings serve as one of the versatile options for a four-season homeowner. Sturdy and resilient, many of the pergola awnings installed by Milanese are motorized; providing the ability for owners to close the awnings during poor weather or open them for sunshine.

Pergola Awnings are just one option for outdoor spaces. Mark also lists: stationary pergolas, covered porches or gazebos, decks, cabanas, arbors and retractable fabric awnings. So how would a homeowner choose? The choice is dependent on the personal preference and lifestyle.

A few things to consider when you’re creating an outdoor living area is location, continuity and cost. First is location, an outdoor space can be easily accessible to the main house or set back in the corner of a property to create the illusion of seclusion. Second is continuity which can replicate a style indoors to outside; as you move from space to space, the design theme flows. Another is costs, in comparison to other home improvements, building a patio or deck is a relatively affordable project especially for homeowners on a budget.

The amount of value you place in your home relies on how satisfied you are with your space. With so many options, homeowners truly have a blank slate to create a custom outdoor area that increases livable space, expands entertainment options, adds value to your home and provides a chance to commune with the outdoors. So get ready to entertain, enjoy your morning cup of coffee, an afternoon get together or a large gathering in your outdoor space.

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