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Displaying the Art of Wine

According to Don Cochran, when an individual owns a wine cellar, they are participating in a timeless ritual; providing an environment for the display of liquid art. Don owns Cellarium Wine Cellars, a local Chester County business that specializes in custom wine cellar design, fabrication and installation. Cellarium evolved after Don discovered that modern racking systems lacked the versatility to hold various sized bottles next to one another and the flexibility to store wood cases and boxes. He combined a 12-year background in homebuilding with his 15 years of national wine cellar experience to form a business that creates a truly custom experience involving innovation and forward-thinking designs.

“Having a wine cellar is perhaps one of the most civilized amenities in the world and building these spaces is not only my profession, but my absolute passion and joy” said Don. This passion for the business really took shape when Don stumbled across a vintage wine rack, salvaged from a 1920’s Manhattan speak easy. Don recognized that the old piece had a timeless function, versatility.

Versatility is a key player at Cellarium, who recognize that lovers of wine all live in very differing homes. This versatility really shines in Cellarium’s individual wine racking. The system has a standard width of 48”, making it an ideal addition to kitchens and dining rooms. The configuration of the racks, inspired by Don’s vintage find, allows clients to fit bottles as small as splits or as large as magnum bottles, all on the same rack. Cellarium racks combine functionality with an attractive appearance. “Our wine racking brings a logical harmony and balance to the architecture of the home it lies within.”

For the wine-lovers with the larger collections, Don curates personalized cellars that fit with the aesthetic of the homeowner’s style. In addition to the design of the cellar, he also plans the proper climate control and refrigeration needed. Cellarium tailors a custom wine cellar to the individual needs of the owner and the collection working in partnership with architects, builders and interior designers.

“We really take into account- how they’d like to collect, store, display and drink their wine. We have access to create their rack with just about any wood species and finish. “

Cellarium loves their homeowners- but the service does not stop there. The company also crafts wine lockers for private clubs. “I have recognized a growing trend where clubs are allowing members to stock their own wine.” Don embraced this trend by taking underutilized spaces and transforming them into elegant and seamless showcases. The spaces serve as individual wine lockers for club members and an attractive incentive for club memberships.

Cellarium’s wine cellar designs range from traditional to modern depending on individual tastes. A person’s wine preference can say a lot about their personality which is why Cellarium invokes creative solutions to ensure each project creates not only a wine cellar but an emotion-provoking space for every wine-lover. Don refers to Cellarium as, “a perfect blend of art, science and craftsmanship.”

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